Cabre Oilfield is committed to ensuring a safe and heathy workplace and protecting the environment.


We believe that safety and environmental protection are important business practices and that all work-related injuries, illnesses, property losses and adverse environmental impacts are preventable.

Cabre Oilfield Inc. proactively enforces our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program from all levels of the organization and workforce. This ensures the health and safety of all workers, as well as the protection of property and the environment.

The responsibility for participation and the application of the HSE Program rests with all employees and Management of Cabre Oilfield. Cabre’s hiring policy ensures that all workers have the appropriate training required for their job. Cabre Oilfield ensures that everyone works together to support and provide on-the-job training for all workers in order to maintain a reliable and proficient workforce that you can trust.

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